This month my inspiration feeds off my latest collection, Nostalgia. From my Gran’s jewellery box and her wedding photos to old art nouveau prints in my student art books …. these are things that make me happy and somehow reaffirm my belief in the human race. The timeless beauty, romance and stories that carry through the years, never losing relevance or importance. Goodness this is getting quite deep – really, I just love pretty things.

And on that note, I came across this amazing blog – Tomas Colaço’s home in Portugal. He is a professor at the University of Milan and spends his time living between Lisbon and Tangiers. It is these travels that have filled his beautiful home with an eclectic mix of beautiful textiles, furniture and collectibles. It is a glorious mix of nostalgia.

The pictures below are a glimpse into an interesting life, well lived.



Tomas Colaço’s home:


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