Recently, we introduced our UK agent on Lula Fabric’s Facebook page to you. Sophie Grattan Bellow is the acclaimed designer and has been an independent in the design industry since 2008. Her focus is not solely on interiors but also decoration & design and colour consultation.
Her showroom is by apt only. For more info, click here.
As mentioned, Sophie GB distributes Lula Fabrics (link) as well as a few other carefully chosen designers. She recently launched her own range called Ottoboni, which, in Italian, means 8 good things. Take a look here.
Lula fabrics has been distributed by Sophie GB for quite awhile now. Samples of the Lula Fabric ranges are visible on Sophie GB’s website & Pintrest page.
Curious as to why Sophie GB would represent Lula Fabrics? This ( will answer your question.
 If you are interested in making an appointment, contact Grace Berrow at