Lula Fabrics was established in Cape Town in 2007. We are a small, niche fabric design house and have set ourselves apart from other fabric houses with our brave use of colour and bold patterns. These are produced mostly by hand to give way to an artisanal effect which delivers a very unique flavour of comfort and excitement to you interior. Our latest range collection “The Silk Road” illuminates our love of bold pattern and vivid colour… Come journey with us on the Silk Road.


The inspiration behind this range stems from the hand-woven textiles of ancient China & the desert oasis of now, Uzbekistan. The Silk Road Collection is locally created and hand-designed and sought inspiration from the traditional Ikats & Suzani’s of the 19th century. These textiles were then carried by trader on the famous route from China to Russia, aptly known as the Silk Road. The Ikat & Suzani old-style designs are one of Lula Fabric’s favourite themes, and you can see why.

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The range is made of rustic cotton weaves in very functional colours of aqua, chartreuse, pink, charcoal & grey. They are perfect for upholstery, slipcovers & curtaining. Whilst maintaining it’s edge, Lula Fabrics has also introduced colours such as salmon, sea foam & yellow mixed in with the brilliant chartreuse, duck egg and subtle grey hues. This is extremely complimentary when combining with the bold Suzani and Ikat designs.

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What is Ikat & Suzani?

Ikat is a traditional technique used to pattern textiles. It is one of the oldest forms of decoration in the fabric industry. You can witness Ikat in Lula Fabric’s Sarawak design, with it’s over-sized unitone prints with variegated shading, giving it a sense of depth and that worn look, that we so often seek. 

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Various shades of Filigry
The options of Silk Road fabrics are endless. Here Sarawak & Timur.
Suzani is a type of embroidered tribal textile, originating from Uzbekistan. The style of this print is a more relaxed, antique design and is printed on a rich woven texture in six colours on linen and on natural white cotton, called Timur.
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Timur Winter
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Timur Autumn
If you are interested in taking a look at other styles and variations on this beautiful Silk Collection range, click here. You are welcome to contact Lula Fabrics if you have any questions by sending an email to Melissa.
Chair upholstered in Timur Summer
(JHB Showroom)