Since my travels to Turkey in 1996 I have been obsessed with suzanis and any embroidered, handcrafted cloth from Turkey, Uzbekistan and the surrounding regions. They are so magnificent, they tell a story that will live with you forever! Suzanis were traditionally woven as a gift for a bride’s trousseau by the women in her family and typically tell a story about the village where she comes from and her heritage. The word ‘suzani’ is actually from the Persian word meaning needle.

These are such a gift to us all as these beauties have become serious décor items and are used to adorn walls, upholster furniture, dress windows and generally make our living spaces that much more exotic and special.

This week I had the good fortune to come across the most incredible handmade suzani furniture by a talented Turkish couple, Jo and Ali. Their business is Name Design Studio.

I was salivating at the sight of these works of art and will be saving furiously so I can have at least one piece in my lifetime.

Enjoy the feast of colour and sumptuous textures. I crave these more than the richest chocolate cake!

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Suzanis used in contemporary interiors:

Suzani Interior

Tribal cushions and suzanis on the ottoman transform this otherwise austere interior into a warm, rich interesting space with a story.

 Mary Lou Sobel Lounge

Here is a sight for sore eyes – suzani printed linen covering the sofas combined with contemporary chairs and an outstanding architectural backdrop, the Sydney Opera House. Gorgeously executed Mary Lou Sobel!